Human rights center of World Russian People’s Council asks to recognize Judas and Jesus cartoon as extremist

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Moscow, June 17, Interfax - Head of the human rights center of the World Russian People's Council, Roman Silantyev, said he had called for the Russian law enforcement authorities to recognize Judas and Jesus cartoons as extremist and to delete it from the Internet.

"The Synod department on relations of the Church and society and the human rights center of the World Russian People's Council have received appeals from citizens protesting against the appearance of a Western blasphemous cartoon called Judas and Jesus in the Internet," Silantyev told Interfax-Religion on Monday.

Silantyev said he went to the police urging them to delete the cartoon from the Internet.

"Fortunately, the precedent of recognizing foreign content as extremist has already taken place in Russia - it refers to Innocence of Muslims movie," Silantyev said.

Judas and Jesus cartoon is made "on a similar artistic level", however it is insulting "to a much bigger degree," Silantyev said.

The World Russian People's Council is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1993. The Council has become an all-Russian platform of public thinking. Representatives of all sectors of authority, security bodies, the highest clergy of Russian traditional religions, teachers and students, scientists and artists participate in the World Russian People's Council meetings. The Council is headed by Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia. In 2005 the World Russian People's Council was given a special consultative status within the UN.

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