Multi-faith centers to open for Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics games

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Three multi-confessional prayer centers will open in Sochi for athletes at next year's Winter Olympics, organizers said Thursday.

The centers will cater for five major world religions offering services in different languages including English and French, organizers said.

"A multi-faith center will represent five religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism," organizing committee official Vitaly Savilov said.

"We will provide five prayer rooms for each religion in one place and two zones with corresponding infrastructure for visitors," he added.

A center will be built at each of the three Olympic villages: at the coastal cluster of skating facilities; at the mountain cluster of ski and snowboard venues; and at the so-called Endurance Olympic Village for biathlon and Nordic Combined competitors.

Savilov spoke at a presentation of a program on how the needs of believers will be met during Games time in the presence of the Russian Interfaith Council that unites the country's followers.

Organizers also announced that followers of other religions would be offered contacts for their faith's representatives in the region.

The first Russian Winter Olympics will be held from February 7 through 23 next year; the Paralympics run March 7-16.

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