Rejection of God destroyed the USSR

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Alexander Razuvaev (

After seventy years of atheism and confusion nineties Russia is slowly but steadily returning to its historical values, including the key role played by Orthodoxy and Islam.

As you know, in the grand imperial Russian church was not separated from the state, and this fact certainly helped Russia to go through a lot of trials, although not save the disaster of 1917. Our professional fighters with the church of the liberal camp love to frighten Iran and North Korea, forgetting that we focus on their national experience and the experience of the Orthodox Byzantine Empire.

"The rejection of God eventually destroyed the Soviet Union"

Of course, you can not enter the same river twice, no matter how bitter, we will never return to the white king's empire. In today's new Russia is strong Muslim factor, moreover, the effect of this factor over time will only increase. So, from my point of view, the new Russia from the state should not be separated not only the Orthodox, but converted to Islam. This has already claimed some members of the Islamic clergy, and they are certainly right. Of course, this will cause a strong repulsion at modern Russian Nazis, however, is unlikely to be guided by public opinion frankly marginal. However, around the church and its role in Russia and the world today there are a lot of myths. Dismantle them in a short article is impossible, so I limit myself to two very common that relate to my professional activities or peace deneg.Pervy liberal myth. It lies in the fact that the rejection of religion is essential to the success of a competitive economy. As an example, liberals are usually the United States and Western Europe. In fact, capitalism came out of the Protestant Christian morality, the United States and is now largely remain a Christian country.

In Europe, as we can see, Christianity quickly gives way to the morality of aggressive sexual minorities and other abominations. This will inevitably lead to rapid death of their civilization. Economy - is not only and not so much fixed assets and technology, it is first of all people. Europe's economy is unlikely to be able to survive the collapse of civilization. However, this event is only held, more recently, Europe was quite different, and therefore, we have yet to see the final tragedy. However, the economy is already Europe's definitely not in the best shape. New aggravation of the current crisis is expected to fall.

However, the most important thing - it's different. From the point of view of the believer, the rejection of God leads automatically any nation or individual to self-destruction and death. The rejection of God eventually destroyed the Soviet Union. However, this argument is, of course, there will be significant for atheists, which, due to the communist experiment in Russia is still quite a lot. For them, there is also a very serious argument.

Russian Orthodoxy and Islam - is the most important part of our cultural code. For atheists, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour - a monument to the heroes of the war of 1812, for them it is also a sacred place, a holy only a little differently than Christians. Renouncing their faith, we simply cease to be Russians. For the sake of our national identity, Alexander Nevsky made an alliance with the Horde, and our fathers and grandfathers laid down their lives in the war against Europe, which is in the middle of the last century was called the Third Reich.

In fact, we, Russian, created one of the most successful empires in history. Of course, we were badly battered war and revolution, but we have a good chance to repeat his success again, to rebuild the empire. Empire with a strong army and a competitive economy. Those who urge us to reject national roots, do not want the revival of the empire, or even just a strong Russian state, they want us to be dissolved in the western civilization. This was only recently talked openly our democrats of the first wave.

There is a second, is the "red" is a myth. He is a true believer that people have to be poor and miserable. That only through continuous suffering in this life can get in the life of the heavenly paradise. From their point of view, the loser is always good and successful person - at best a big sinner, and at worst - a servant of Satan himself. In general, not Christianity, but a new version of scientific communism, the poor - always good, rich - always bad. Version, by the way, is very dangerous, because actually encourages people to volunteer, "vegetable" and an easy target in today's global world. Predators at all times is almost always only attack the weak and bolnyh.Vmeste so Byzantine Christian tradition clearly indicates otherwise. Among the saints were a lot of rich people, and the church itself was never poor. Prior to the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the largest church oligarch, and, in fact, is not very clear why the state of the church did not return a comparable property in the large-scale privatization of the 90s. Incidentally, this is true not only of the Eastern Church, but also the West. The Vatican is actively engaged in the investment and stock market speculation in the financial markets, it is not clear why it is not engaged in our church. Probably, all the time.

Our ancestors were believers, strong, successful people. In this case, we say the least, were not poor in comparison with other nations. This is largely a myth imposed by the Bolsheviks, for which Russia, as well as for the current Liberal, was a prison of nations. So efficient economy is not contrary to Christianity as well as personal wealth and riches.

By the way, in classic capitalism poverty - almost always synonymous with laziness. And laziness - it is a sin to be poor just embarrassing. And who would not say that Russia is currently one of the most promising and promising markets in the world. And in Russia is very little lazy people.

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