Scared by the political correctness, liberal Europe immolate their children to sex jihad

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Alexander Maystrovoy

White meat for sex jihad (


The founding fathers of liberal democracy would turn over in their graves to know that human rights are in the current interpretation of means, among other things, the right of Muslim immigrants and rape of women and children

For whom are raising their charming girl of her European parents? And if they can just throw her a life preserver?

This was in Europe prefer not to write and say yes fear, for such conversations are fraught with accusations of racism and incitement to racial hatred and Islamophobia. However, the information periodically to the surface in a short news reports, blogs, and separate publications, drawing creepy picture.

In London recently passed judgment on a band of immigrants - Pakistanis and Eritreans - wield in Oxford, once the center of the UK and the world of scholarship. Seven pedophile accused of brutal rape of teenage girls, sexual slavery, mutilation and abuse of their victims. The hearing, which lasted 18 weeks, were concealed in the leading media. They either do not write about the process or constitute a criminal offense is marginal, but the judges did not hide the shock of the facts. Chief Judge Peter Rook admitted that he was horrified by the confessions of pedophiles. "There is no limit those abominations, which they did not commit," - he said. According to Hand, "the girls were the easiest prey - a vulnerable, defenseless and easy to become dependent."

Brothers Bassam and Mohammed Karrar forced his 11-year-old victim into prostitution. Bassam put on her body branded with the letter "M" - on behalf of, as he himself confessed, the Prophet Mohammed. The girl was 12 years old when they forced her to have an abortion.

Another girl was also turned into a prostitute. Mohammed Karrar charged customers £ 500, and when the customer was not amused with his friends, causing the child to fulfill their perverted sexual desires. The girl was subjected to gang violence perpetrated with extreme rigidity, after which the torturers left the victim to bleed until she regained consciousness. When one day she desperately grabbed a knife to protect themselves from Carrara, he beat her with a baseball bat. His brother Bassam held hostage in a 14-year-old girl who regularly raped and forcibly taught to cocaine. First received 20 years in prison, the second - 15. Their accomplices escaped with a shorter period: 7 to 12 years in prison. This is considered a harsh sentence in Britain ...

All girls were between 11 and 15 years old. All of them were white British women. All of their tormentors were Muslims. The victims were girls, first of all, because they belonged to the white race. So said the imam of the Oxford Islamic Congregation Taj Kharj.

Harjit, authoritative and moderate Muslim preacher, bitterly acknowledged in the newspaper "Daily Mail", that it is not just about pedophiles, and the crimes of racial and religious grounds. An insult to the white girls, he said, - demonstrative humiliation of white people as inferior, "infidels" and so despicable. "In addition to the horror and disgust, which causes the Oxford gang activity, the fact that her abominations heavily involved in the religion and race. Religion - because all those responsible, regardless of their country of origin, Muslims, race - because they consciously chose to be the victims of white girls, who were called "white meat." That is, it is a crime to openly racist overtones "- he writes.

Harjit blames the incident native English. In his view, their political correctness prevents them to perceive reality, most of all they fear accusations of racism. "Scared by the politically correct modern Britain is not in a position to accept the reality - with the anger he writes. - All state agencies, including the police and social services, ignored disgusting sexual exploitation of teenagers going on in front of them, from before the terror accusations of racism. "

No newspaper called things by their proper names. Pedophiles called politically correct "Asians" in every possible way to avoid a hint of their origin and religion. "But this concept is completely meaningless and nothing says. It was not the Chinese, not the Indians, not Sri Lankans. Villains come from particular countries - Pakistan and Eritrea, and Eritrea has no relation to Asia, "- says the imam.

The situation is truly Kafkaesque. All everyone knew. Girls are not kidnapped - they were living in their homes, and, going to school every day, or to meet with friends, found themselves in underground dens. They were intimidated and threatened murder and reprisals against relatives. Some parents knew or suspected that something is going to the police, the social workers in the organization for the protection of children's rights. They listened and offered "does not exaggerate and not to escalate the situation."

"I am extremely appealed for help everywhere and did not meet adequate response," - says the mother of one of the girls. The mother of the other victim says that begged the police to pull daughter from the clutches of the rapists, but received evasive and meaningless answers. Many girls themselves appealed to the guardians of order, sometimes several times. Complaints were ignored. Those who could move to other cities, others unsuccessfully scoured all possible instances.

This terror lasted 8 years (!), From 2004 to 2012. The authorities stated that they had no evidence of guilt pedophiles. The fear of being accused of Islamophobia was stronger than the law, responsibility, morality, but just sympathy for the unfortunate children.

This story - is no exception to the rule, it is - the tip of the iceberg.

In May 2012, the court heard the case of Liverpool 9 Muslims regularly raped white girls and women in the north of England. The victims of the gang were 40 people in Rochdale, a suburb of Manchester. As it turned out, the British police were aware of the activities of "sexual jihadists" but was afraid of making them matter. The fear of accusations of Islamophobia, the sword of Damocles hanging over the keepers of order and forget about the sense of responsibility. Everything was exactly as in Oxford: girls aged 12-13 years and young girls become victims of gang rape, they were passed from hand to hand, as the goods delivered to brothels, pumped alcohol and drugs, forced to satisfy the sexual fantasies of slave-owners, to serve taxi drivers, nightclub owners and kebab houses. One of the rapists - 43-year-old frequenter of the local mosque and the father of five children. Another liked to have sex with children in front of their friends in their own apartment. All of them - came from Pakistan and Afghanistan. All of 40 years or more. All were from 4 to 12 years in prison with the right to appeal.

Let's go back to the Taj Kharj. "It's jihad - he warned - Sexy Jihad consistently fanned by radical imams ... White women, from their point of view, it is worthy of such a relationship, even if they have children. "The contempt for women in general, but to a white woman in particular, implanted in many mosques, including in those that are in Oxford. For children there are brainwashed since childhood. Parishioners are taught that a woman - no more than an animated property man and he has absolute power over her. " Mohammed Karrar put the stamp of his victim - so his people are doing with the cows belonging to them.

According to the estimated statistics, gang victims' sexual jihadists "in England and Wales more than 2,500 children. It is assumed that another 20,000 have become objects of different types of harassment and sexual perversions. And this in a country, the first to announce the emancipation of women and children's rights! Poor England good ... But not only this.

"Sex-jihad" victorious march through Scandinavia. And here's official media never say nothing about his victims and "heroes." But unofficial bloggers tell the truth, and that truth is very similar to the famous novel by HG Wells about living underground bloodthirsty Morlock and starry eloyah. One of the bloggers, Fiordman, tells us about the state of affairs in this is considered the most prosperous part of Europe. "Until a few decades ago, gang rape and sexual abuse were extremely rare in the Nordic countries. Today it is normal, routine crime. May 28, 2011 in the Norwegian city of Trondheim, 14-year-old Eva Helgitun committed suicide after been raped by a group of immigrants for a few weeks before. Her fate, alas, is not unique. "

Just a couple of decades ago, Norway was considered completely safe for the life of the country and its citizens did not have the slightest anxiety for children traveling to the pubs and discos. Now, after an influx of "guests" from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia, Libya, etc., crime has reached such a scale that the U.S. Embassy has banned its employees to Oslo to leave the building during the evening and night hours. Women - the main victims of this terror.

Fiordman: "The neighboring Sweden for three decades, has become a country flooded street crime, and having one of the world's highest number of reported rapes. Young blonde girl from the suburbs of Stockholm have become accustomed to their public name-calling whores, many dye their hair black to avoid sexual harassment in the streets of their cities. " He tells how, in December 2011, the Swedish woman, a mother of two children, was subjected to cruel gang rape of Afghans living illegally in Sweden. Violence accompanied by tortures and perversions, lasted seven hours. Abusers succeeded each other, cheered himself in drugs and the battle cry. The victim is now a patient psychiatric hospital, she is chained to a wheelchair because of damage to the internal organs. Incidentally, the head of the gang made up of four similar rape. Only seven were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment, although there were eleven. With that in Scandinavia prison worse five-star hotel in Pakistan or Libya ... In January this year, has become the victim of a brutal gang of 22-year-old girl in Stockholm.

The same thing is happening in France. Here, each year, approximately 5,000 rapes, including group and committed with special cruelty. The media never reported on the origin of the criminals, official statistics are compiled and can not be conducted. "Swedish newspaper, for example," Aftonbladet ", systematically conceal the ethnicity of rapists if immigrants. Photos published in the media only if the criminals are white, "- says Fiordman. In the 70's, when immigrants have not yet invaded Western Europe, the number of such crimes was an order of magnitude smaller.

Logical question: how to respond to all this orgy of sexual violence who is the guardian of the interests of women - feminists? By differently. Some pretend that nothing is happening. Others blame the victims of violence in the fact that ... "they provoked him," and protect immigrants. "In October 2012, known for her feminist views leading commentator of the newspaper" VG Skarsbø "Moen has published a touching article titled" Our Children, "where branded racist Norwegian society which does not give the right to reside" children "of Afghanistan. "Children" were quite mature men from among those that were raped Swedish women, "- says Fiordman. Elina Gustafsson, a member of the local branch of the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League, calling himself "a proud feminist," opposed the deportation of offenders, illegal immigrants, because that, in its view, a manifestation of racism. Marxist and feminist Gudrun Schumann said that Swedish men are less violent treatment of women than the Taliban. As it often happens, the most pure and noble idea degenerates into its opposite, becoming a parody of itself

Once the emancipation of women, including representatives of ethnic and religious minorities, has been one of the major achievements of Western liberal democracy, the pride of the supporters of freedom and equality. Alas, times have changed. From now on, a white woman and child is only one right: to be white meat for jihadists. Those who dare to challenge this irrefutable fact, declared Islamophobia. Worse verdict in today's world of political correctness do not exist.

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