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Sergei Khudiyev

The world media has exploded headings " Pope Francis supported gay ! '"Dad showed openness to gays, priests," and the like. Indeed, the sensation - the Catholic Church, the largest Christian community in the world, changed its teaching on the ethics of sex! Or not a sensation, and journalists all muddled again?

Distorted. No revision of the Church's teaching Daddy is not up to.

That in fact the Pope said? In a lengthy interview, when asked about the " gay lobby "in the Vatican, he said the following:" I think that when we meet gay, we must distinguish between gay identity and the gay lobby because the lobby - it's not good ... . If people - gay and seeking the Lord and good will, who am I to judge him? ... The problem is not that someone has such a tendency, no, we should all be brothers. This is - the most important thing, "When asked about homosexual behavior, he noted that such behavior is sinful, and that such a person is in need of forgiveness - that he will find, as soon as he repents.

Misunderstanding, partly intentional on the part of some commentators, there was around the word "gay" - and what can be seen as a mistake of the Roman Pontiff, as it is in the fact that it came at all is the word to use. The fact is that "gay" - is an ideological term, willfully and deliberately constructed so as to confuse and confound. It can mean, at least four different concepts. 1) The man who has the "inherent and unchangeable sexual orientations." I must say that the very thesis of the existence of such an innate and immutable orientation not only did not find evidence of decades of research, but also faced with a large array of data obviously contradict it. "Sexual orientation", that is the preference of their partner or someone else's sex thing was pretty unstable, flexible and fluid, and certainly not genetically determined. 2) A person experiencing homosexual temptations 3) The person committing homosexual acts 4) a person who professes a certain ideology, in which, for example, equal in honor homosexual cohabitation marriage.

Dad is obviously used the term "gay" in the sense 2), "a man is experiencing homosexual temptations." Dad said that people "should be integrated into society and not be marginalized."

Thus, the Pope simply confirmed the traditional views of the Church. The temptation, as such, including homosexual, is not a sin. The man who will experience a temptation, just not a homosexual as a person who is experiencing heterosexual temptations is not immoral. Such a person needs support. The man who has become homosexual fornication sins, and needs the same as the man who had fallen in any other fornication - he must acknowledge his sin a sin, repent, receive forgiveness, and to endeavor to do so no longer. The man who professes gay ideology, particularly considering homosexual cohabitation equal in honor marriage is outside the Church, is not reconsider their views. Guilty (and in need of forgiveness) person does not tempted to sin and volition, and alien to the Church - the confession of the views that are incompatible with her faith. Celibate "gay" - it's like nebludyaschy adulterer or drunkard does not drink. Of course, for him there can be no complaints.

The campaign of the liberal press, "Hurrah, we is broken, bent Daddy" - a manifestation of the substitution of concepts, which are mainly built and gay rhetoric. When the word "gay" has, at least, four different values, a phrase that contains any statement regarding the "gay" in the sense 2) is easy to misinterpret so that it refers to the "gay" in the values ​​of 1) 3) and 4 ). Therefore, words such as "gay" or "gay identity", it is better not to drink. As said, very far from godliness, but experienced in debauchery American writer Gore Vidal, "There is a homo-or geteroseksulnyh personalities. There are homo-or geteroseksulnye acts .. Most people are a mixture of impulses if not practices "

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