The Moscow Patriarchate as Mediator

William Yoder, Ph.D. Developments indicate that the "Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Moscow Patriarchate" may well be best-equipped to mediate between the warring powers of Kiev and Moscow. Berlin's "Neues Deutschland" reported on 21 August that Metropolitan Onuphrius (Berezovsky) had allowed his press spokesman to state: "As Ukrainian citizens we view[...]

Alexander Dvorkin – a Victim of Hackers

William Yoder, Ph.D. Prof. Alexander Dvorkin (Moscow), Russia's best-known and most controversial specialist on sects and the cults, reported in an interview with the author on 24 August that he has been victimized by a hackers. Occasionally, Russian-language mailings from the anonymous "" address have been distributed on nearly a[...]

Guidelines for a Church Dialogue between Russia and Ukraine

William Yoder, Ph.D. An American view from Moscow M o s c o w -- 1. We must refrain from drastic, exaggerated and unhistorical statements. The Baptist Alexander Turchinov is not Martin Luther King and Viktor Yanukovich is not Hitler. Unfortunately, there are fascist elements present within the Ukrainian government[...]