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Peace to you, friends!

At the request of Ministers of churches in many countries, we have decided to regularly hold a worldwide joint prayer on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Such a common prayer service is already being held (the website of the Transfiguration churches: ) Please, support this initiative!

The next regular prayer will be held on April 04, 2020 from 11: 00 to 12:00. Moscow time. If due to the large time difference it is not possible to pray together, then perform the prayer according to your local time. Topics of prayer: for the leaders of countries, governments, parliaments, power structures, media, ruling and opposition parties and socio-political movements, and, of course – for the peoples of these countries, so that the Lord enlightens their minds and gives strength to everyone in their place to make the right decisions, - as written in 1 Timothy, 2 :1-4.

Let's make the upcoming prayer that the Lord will destroy all the plans of Satan against humanity through the coronavirus epidemic. Let us pray that the fear of God will replace the fear of man in countries and peoples, that people everywhere, with God's help, will find the strength to resist sin, and that the laws on same-sex marriage will be abolished. Let us pray, of course, for our own needs. Let us pray to God for the Church, so that it may spread the Good News in spite of all difficulties.

I believe that all of you are earnestly calling on the Lord. Let this prayer be our joint work for the glory of our God. I believe that in this prayer we will all have the beautiful presence of the Holy spirit! Let people in all corners of the earth see in this service of ours not only the power, righteousness and Holiness of our Heavenly Father, but also His mercy, love, and compassion for every person in this difficult time! May God's grace be upon us all, so that we and the whole world with us will witness real changes for the glory of the Lord!

Thank you for understanding!

Sincerely, head Of the international Association of Christian churches "Transfiguration", President of the International Christian interfaith Association " MHMD of the XXI century»:

Bishop, Viktor Meleshchuk.


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