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On a Visit to Far East Christendom: the Chinese and Russians as brothers in Christ.

A Start has been Made, Reportage. William Yoder, Ph.D. M o s c o w — Conventional wisdom would have us believe it’s the USA that deals in grand sizes and massive projects. But only in Asia can one see a railway station three avenues wide, three stories high and[...]

Ukraine as a new country is revising its history to become closer to West and distant from Russia. But what is about the truth?

Never are the ideological differences between the Protestants of Ukraine and Russia more apparent than when it comes to celebrating the liberation of Europe from Nazism. That occurs very year in Russia on 9 May. Roman Lunkin reports that Russians define World War II as a struggle between communism and[...]

In area of faith Russia and Ukraine confront the Same Problems.

An interview with Roman Lunkin. S m o l e n s k – According to Moscow's Roman Lunkin, a research fellow for Britain's “Keston College”, legislation directed at Russia’s religious communities was significantly sharpened during the summer of 2015. This refers above all to the law on “undesirable organisations”[...]

The old evils of Russian Protestant movement may come out as its new hopes.

Not Finished Off Yet: Conversation with a Baptist pastor in Moscow. S m o l e n s k – „It’s gotten lonely among us.“ That was the conclusion of a conversation punctuated by air hammers and howling motorcycles at the Moscow subway station “Okhotny Ryad” near the entrance to[...]

Der 9. Mai: Niemals sind die Differenzen offensichtlicher.

Wenn es sich um eine Würdigung der Befreiung Europas vom Nazismus dreht, sind die ideologischen Differenzen zwischen den Protestanten in der Ukraine und Rußland offensichtlicher denn je. Das wird jedes Jahr um den 9. Mai herum deutlich. Roman Lunkin berichtet, Russen würden den Zweiten Weltkrieg als Auseinandersetzung zwischen dem Kommunismus[...]

Rußland und die Ukraine sind mit den gleichen Problemen konfrontiert.

Ein Interview mit Roman Lunkin. S m o l e n s k – Nach dem Moskauer Roman Lunkin, Forschungsreferenten des britischen “Keston College”, wurde im Sommer 2015 die die religiösen Gemeinschaften betreffende Gesetzgebung bedeutend verschärft. Dies bezieht sich vor allem auf das Gesetz gegen „unerwünschte Organisationen“ vom 23. Mai[...]