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Молитва покаяния за грехи Америки конгрессмена от штата Техас.

Рэнди Вебер, конгрессмен от штата Техас плачет, умоляя Бога простить грехи нации. (молитва в холле Конгресса США, с переводом на русский).

Peace to you, friends! At the request of Ministers of churches in many countries, we have decided to regularly hold a worldwide joint prayer on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Such a common prayer service is already being held (the website of the Transfiguration churches: )[...]

The Demise of Moscow’s “Russian-American Christian University”.

Thoughts on a recent book by John Bernbaum.  Commentary William Yoder, Ph.D. L a d u s h k I n -- I’m still struck with sadness when recalling the makeshift monument erected in 2007 about 40 metres from the entrance to Moscow’s “Russian-American-Institute”. Its plaque stated that the monument[...]

On a Visit to Far East Christendom: the Chinese and Russians as brothers in Christ.

A Start has been Made, Reportage. William Yoder, Ph.D. M o s c o w — Conventional wisdom would have us believe it’s the USA that deals in grand sizes and massive projects. But only in Asia can one see a railway station three avenues wide, three stories high and[...]