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Молитва покаяния за грехи Америки конгрессмена от штата Техас.

Рэнди Вебер, конгрессмен от штата Техас плачет, умоляя Бога простить грехи нации. (молитва в холле Конгресса США, с переводом на русский).


Peace to you, friends! At the request of Ministers of churches in many countries, we have decided to regularly hold a worldwide joint prayer on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Such a common prayer service is already being held (the website of the Transfiguration churches: )[...]


The Demise of Moscow’s “Russian-American Christian University”.

Thoughts on a recent book by John Bernbaum.  Commentary William Yoder, Ph.D. L a d u s h k I n -- I’m still struck with sadness when recalling the makeshift monument erected in 2007 about 40 metres from the entrance to Moscow’s “Russian-American-Institute”. Its plaque stated that the monument[...]

On a Visit to Far East Christendom: the Chinese and Russians as brothers in Christ.

A Start has been Made, Reportage. William Yoder, Ph.D. M o s c o w — Conventional wisdom would have us believe it’s the USA that deals in grand sizes and massive projects. But only in Asia can one see a railway station three avenues wide, three stories high and[...]

Ukraine as a new country is revising its history to become closer to West and distant from Russia. But what is about the truth?

Never are the ideological differences between the Protestants of Ukraine and Russia more apparent than when it comes to celebrating the liberation of Europe from Nazism. That occurs very year in Russia on 9 May. Roman Lunkin reports that Russians define World War II as a struggle between communism and[...]