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No Orthodoxy without Christ: a dismissed Orthodox editor warns of future dangers.

S m o l e n s k -- Both the Russian state and church are caught in a state of transition. That’s the position of the Russian Orthodox publicist Sergey Chapnin. He was fired in December along with the outspoken Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, perhaps the best-known Russian Orthodox personality after the[...]


More Aryan than Most Germans – the Mennonites Question Themselves.

Mennonites’ children of Latin America. Nazis and Mennonites were attracted to each other both before and after the German invasion of the USSR in 1941. After the Third Reich’s demise, it took multiple ruses to sufficiently convince the Western powers of Mennonite innocence. These are a few of the claims made by[...]

On Russia’s conservative revival.

William Yoder, Ph.D. S m o l e n s k -- In a series of reports on Denmark’s national public radio, the journalist and theologian Iben Thranholm raised eyebrows by praising the emergence of a conservative movement in Russia (see: “”). One of Thranholm’s typical statements: “While the West is[...]

Wörter Todesfälle.

Kollegen und Mitarbeiter aus der sowjetischen Ära versammelten sich einmal wieder – womöglich zum letzten Male – bei der Trauerfeier für Aleksei Bytschkow (geb. 1928) in der Zentralen Moskauer Baptistengemeinde am 17. Juli. Von 1971 bis 1990 hatte Bytschkow als Generalsekretär des „All-Unionsrats der Evangeliumschristen-Baptisten“ gedient. Das Eintreffen der Glaubensfreiheit[...]