What might be a reaction of Russian Orthodox Church to the numerous last year anti-Church actions

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Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia in exclusive interview to Interfax-Religion correspondents Alexey Sosedov and Valentina Trubetskaya answers question: Please, name the main threats for Russia.


Your Holiness, we will remember the last year for numerous anti-church actions. What conclusions did the Church make in this connection, what did it bring out of this experience?

- "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun" - are Ecclesiastes' well-known words (Ecclesiastes 1:9). It is not surprising for the Church to face the actions aimed at violating and insulting shrines and religious feelings. Christianity all through two thousand years of its history lived through various oppressions - from Roman emperors' persecutions of early Christian Church to mass murders of clergy and believers in Soviet years. And what about nowadays campaigns against Christian symbols in public places, which we witness to in European countries? Isn't it a persecution of Christians under slogans of secular state sometimes brought to absurdity?

The anti-church campaigns that took place in 2012 are consequences of the strengthening of the Church positions and influence in society. People's confidence in the church and the clergy is high in Russia, which is confirmed by public opinion polls, and that gives to peace to the enemy of mankind and those who follow him. They would like to see our church as silent in the face of sin, lawlessness, and injustice. They would like it to be inconspicuous - not persecuted, not banned, not exiled. Or they would like to see it as just folklore, some exotic embellishment of folk life, which has no real influence on people's minds and hearts.

Our entire church community, the clergy, and active laymen have no intention of giving up and stopping our work to promote moral values and evangelical principles in the life of our people. We have no intention of stopping our missionary work, preaching, and public activities. We will continue caring for the poor and the sick, we will continue to openly call sins sins. That's what our Savior called on us to do. He also warned us that people will resist the word of God and the world will rise against the Church. Today we see that more and more people in public and political life are becoming firm in their morals, which are based on evangelical values, adding that these people some from various social groups, have various levels of education and income, and often have various political views: the right, the centrist, the left, with conservative or liberal accents in their attitude to state and society. But all of them are children of the Church. I am happy that our society is becoming more perceptive to the word on Christ. This doesn't mean that we need to calm down and rest on our laurels. On the contrary, this means we should work with more energy, resist injustice, lies, and sin more actively.

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