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Known for Senator McCain issued a letter to the Russian people, and I, as a citizen of this, I decided to answer it. It is unlikely that the senator read it, but at least I can write. Thus,

Dear Senator McCain,

I have worked with the Americans, to learn from them, and I remember those good people with deep gratitude. I more or less freely read in English (speak and write worse), and a few familiar with American culture, which in many ways makes me admiration. Deep religiosity and patriotism of Americans seems to me, of course, worthy of imitation, and entrepreneurial and technical genius of America has made it possible, for example, the computer on which I type this text.

Therefore, what I mean to say, I will say as a man, not averse to your great country, but on the contrary, I sincerely wish her peace and prosperity.

I do not want to sound hostile, but I do not think that being an official, I can directly identify the reasons why your rhetoric is unconvincing. You write "Russian citizen could not issue a statement similar to the one I have now made"; minute search in the Russian internet will show you that this is simply not the case - Russian Internet is full of criticism of Putin and very lively political debate.

This is one of the details that give your ignorance of the real state of affairs. Of course, you are under no obligation to know the Russian language - is extremely difficult to study - and perhaps you do not have time to consult with those who know him. You also do not have to know the history, culture, or political situation in our country. But if you do not know it - and your statements about this abundantly clear - perhaps you should be more careful in your judgment. Probably - once you have reached such a high position in your country - you are an expert in some important areas. But residents of Russia is difficult to recognize you an expert in the field of how they should run their own lives and solve their problems. Solving these problems requires a certain level of competence and benevolence.

The question of whether Putin is good and when it formed the political regime that involves some kind of comparison is good compared to what - what we offer them to change? Fortunately, once you have clarified this issue. Speaking in Libya after the overthrow of Gaddafi, you declared that "the people of Libya today inspires people in Damascus, Tehran, even Beijing and Moscow." I must assure you that the majority of people in Moscow (and I suspect that in Beijing and other cities, too) do not find anything in sight inspires devastating civil war with all its atrocities and abominations. Foreign military bombing - which took place in Libya - is not forcing the Russians to dream about something like that. The results achieved in this war - a situation in which absolutely no one in Libya, even including the U.S. ambassador, can not be safe - is not seem to be something appealing. Against the background of the situation created (with your personal active participation) in Libya, even far worse treatment than the Putin regime would look very good.

The rhetoric of politicians - with the obligatory mention of inalienable rights - all about the same, and we should take a look at the practical results of your activities. These results are obvious - the multiplication of human suffering. You were one of the most vigorous supporters of the war in Iraq, since this unfortunate country plunged into chaos and war of all against all, and the human rights situation is even worse than under Saddam Hussein. As a Christian, I am particularly distressed by the situation of Iraqi Christians, most of whom were forced to flee the country in the face of persecution, it is subject to the international definition of genocide.

I do not want to fall into prosecutorial tone, but the reality is that this human tragedy was the result of the horrific scale of the policy, one of the authors of which was you. And, worse, when she was turned, as U.S. leadership in general and you personally have shown a striking indifference to the fate of these people.

These days you are acting strongly in support of the forces fighting with the Assad regime in Syria, although the victory of the forces clearly leads to the fact that Syrian Christians repeat the fate of Iraq.

I am not going to accuse you of deliberate intent to destroy Middle Eastern Christians. Apparently, their loss is for you to simply a side effect of your policy that you find acceptable. I must say that I do not find it acceptable. I also fear that your actions do your words on human rights and sympathy to the victims of war and persecution is not entirely convincing. Your talk of "values" are seen against the background of Iraq, Libya, and your intention to arrange for the same in Syria.

Your indignation laws forbidding (under threat of penalty) to promote homosexuality to minors, produces surreal impression on the background of your indifference to the fate of a great many people who are subjected to all kinds of violence, killed and driven for what they call upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and these disasters are the direct result of policies that you support.

I believe these laws are fully justified - especially in light of reliable health statistics showing the disastrous consequences of the homosexual lifestyle for health - but I would not want to go into the controversy of-a grotesque mismatch scales. Chagrin of some activists that they are not allowed to preach their specific views on the sexual life of a minor, can be quite large - but it can hardly be considered on a par with the suffering of Middle Eastern Christians.

I also do not dwell on the performance of the famous punk band in the temple. On the internet I learned the laws of your country in relation to such cases - and I must say that in the U.S. it would also be punishable.

But it's not so important - more important than the fate of Middle Eastern Christians. Before our eyes, perfected and takes a tragedy of historic proportions - Christians massacred and expelled, where they have lived continuously since the time of Christ and the Apostles, where they experienced a variety of twists and stories of different rulers - to finally be destroyed as a result of the policy, one of the which is sponsored by you.

Future historians who will write about this tragedy may not be quoted your speech - but they will have to deal with the consequences of your policy. And I'm afraid that these results will bring you a well-deserved title of "Christian Fighter McCain." There are even more important reasons to think - all of us, sooner go late, stand before the tribunal of Him whose followers are now killed and driven as a result of the policy that you continue to hold.

Sins of Putin can be great and terrible - but the blood of Middle Eastern Christians is definitely not on it. Perhaps Putin's sins - it's not something that you should look for in the first place. You can still go and think about the values ​​that you declare to put them into practice, and to remember the people who are exposed to terrible persecution for Christ's sake. We all make mistakes and sins - and if we are in authority, they may have the most disastrous consequences for many people. But committing evil does not necessarily persist in it until the end. Consume your power and influence to rescue Middle Eastern Christians - and then talk about your values ​​will actually be able to inspire confidence.

Radio commentator "Radonezh" Sergei Khudiyev

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