Ukraine as a new country is revising its history to become closer to West and distant from Russia. But what is about the truth?

Never are the ideological differences between the Protestants of Ukraine and Russia more apparent than when it comes to celebrating the liberation of Europe from Nazism. That occurs very year in Russia on 9 May. Roman Lunkin reports that Russians define World War II as a struggle between communism and[...]

In area of faith Russia and Ukraine confront the Same Problems.

An interview with Roman Lunkin. S m o l e n s k – According to Moscow's Roman Lunkin, a research fellow for Britain's “Keston College”, legislation directed at Russia’s religious communities was significantly sharpened during the summer of 2015. This refers above all to the law on “undesirable organisations”[...]

The old evils of Russian Protestant movement may come out as its new hopes.

Not Finished Off Yet: Conversation with a Baptist pastor in Moscow. S m o l e n s k – „It’s gotten lonely among us.“ That was the conclusion of a conversation punctuated by air hammers and howling motorcycles at the Moscow subway station “Okhotny Ryad” near the entrance to[...]

Бог утешает смиренных и в дни испытаний, и в бремени процветания.

С. Г. Германюк Найдется ли на земле человек, который никогда не понуждался в утешении? От колыбели и до могилы мы жаждем услышать ласковое слово, ждем сочувственного взгляда, ищем надежного дружеского плеча, чтобы опереться, когда подрезаны крылья нашего упования. В 68-ом Псалме (21 ст.) Давид пророческим взором провидел страдания Иисуса Христа[...]