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A call to business people: Become part of God’s work of restoring and renewing Creation.

Unconventional hiring strategies in Nehemiah Manufacturing. By Rick Boxx MONDAY MANNA June 1, 2020 The respected business periodical, Wall Street Journal, featured a story about Nehemiah Manufacturing, a company in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. that has some interesting – and unusual – hiring practices. Approximately 80 percent of its employees have[...]

Оur hope is not in governments of this world, but in Christ and His unshakable eternal Kingdom.

Jim Firnstahl " Kingdom is not of this world." John 18:36 The “virus” has become the dominant concern and source of anxiety among people everywhere. I live in the United States, arguably the most powerful and richest nation on earth. Yet the USA government like every other government, is powerless[...]

Молитва покаяния за грехи Америки конгрессмена от штата Техас.

Рэнди Вебер, конгрессмен от штата Техас плачет, умоляя Бога простить грехи нации. (молитва в холле Конгресса США, с переводом на русский).

Peace to you, friends! At the request of Ministers of churches in many countries, we have decided to regularly hold a worldwide joint prayer on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Such a common prayer service is already being held (the website of the Transfiguration churches: )[...]